You can order the perfume powder in its golden jewel-case<\/p>\n\n\n<\/div>\n

Spring : price 85 \u20ac, lead time 9 days.
Summer : price 85 \u20ac, lead time 9 days.

Autumn : available soon.<\/div>\n

Winter : available soon.<\/div>\n<\/div>\n\n \n\n
\n31% of perfume incorporated
Without alcool added
Without parabens
Without phtalates
Without preservatives
Enriched in vitamin E
Expected lifetime : 1 year (3 applications a day)
Refillable disc of perfume in the jewel-case

Jewel-case in metal with 24 carats gold gilding
Engraved identification number
Made in France

The jewel-case is delivered with a powder puff,
a velvet taffeta pouch (4 colors)
and a notice booklet.\n\n<\/div>\n\u00a0‘Spring’ is a gentle,
fresh, floral green.
A delightful combination
of green tea and white lilies,
a fresh breeze leaving
a lingering trail
of jonquils and nutmeg.<\/p>\">\n\n\u2018Summer\u2019 is a sensuous score
of fruits and floral notes.
Fresh pineapples and apricots are enriched
with rosewood and lily-of-the-valley,
then matched with
sensual sandalwood and ambergris.<\/p>\">\n\nAutumn is a woody, spicy fragrance
that is all contrasts.
Languorous labdanum and sandalwood
and sensual patchouli
linger like twilight mist
that is not easily forgotten.<\/p>\">\n\n \u2018Winter\u2019 is a Chypre
in its sensuousness and its strength.
A subtle mixture
of exotic flowers and spices.
It combines the strength of Egyptian jasmine,
the softness of May rose
and the perpetual mystery
of oakmoss and wormwood.<\/p>\">\n\n\n\n\n
A portion of each sales proceeds
are donated to charity.<\/div>\n
Selling price including taxes.
Sent registered by Post at Laggridore\u2019s cost.<\/div>\n<\/div>\n\n\n\n\n\t"]}